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  • NPR's Cosmos & Culture blog recommends After Coetzee: An Anthology of Animal Fictions for holiday gift-giving!

  • A. Marie Houser spoke with Mariann Sullivan about After Coetzee: An Anthology of Animal Fictions for an Our Hen House podcast, an editor's pick. Sullivan and the whole flock produce a lovely podcast. 

  • Writer Hannah Weber has published a beautifully cogent review of After Coetzee at Necessary Fictions. We're grateful.

  • Scholar and author Kim Socha has a sympathetic and rousing review of After Coetzee, "Animals beyond Metaphor," at Animal Liberation Currents—we highly recommend it.

  • Esteemed author and anthropologist Barbara J. King is endorsing After Coetzee. We're delighted!

  • Thanks to Berfrois for excerpting a portion of the introduction to After Coetzee.

  • iBooks of After Coetzee now released. To purchase at iTunes, follow this link. Note: you need an Apple device to read the iBook.